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Wind Power Generation Transformer

Wind Power Generation Transformer

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Wind Power Generation Transformer

New Energy Dedicated Transformer

Product structure and features

General introduction

With the continuous growth of China's economy, the demand for electricity surged, energy has become the main contradiction. Because the traditional coal-fired and fuel power generation caused serious environmental pollution, so in order to be consistent with environmental protection requirements, wind power as a clean energy production that has been developed rapidly in our country , has become the main direction to solve the energy shortage. We company develop a series of wind power generation combination substation, which can change 690V voltage generated by wind power dynamotor to 35kVor 10kV voltage through rising and changing voltage, then send to gird system or users, finally finish the task of wind power generation. So, wind power generation combination substation is the best matching product of wind power generation system.

Structure and performance features

1, structure features

A, main body adopts the structure of common box transformer. Assemble high-voltage load switch, plug-in fuse, transformer body, off-circuit tap-switches and other H.V components in a sealed tank, transformer oil as insulating medium, its size is small  and performance is excellent .

B, Overall combination type wind power substation is composed of H.V chamber, L.V. chamber, oil tank and radiator. Install chip radiator on the side of oil tank, the chip radiator is combined by guide pipe and cooling fin which can better adapt to high-power transformer’s cooling requirements. In order to prevent vandalism, to these cooling fins with weak mechanical, we will use steel shield that be punched cooling holes to enhance the protection. By substation, rise the voltage of power generated through wind dynamotor and merge into grids.

2, performance features

A, energy-saving, its no-load and with-load loss are lower than similar products, maximize the protection for the full use of wind energy.

B, safely reliably protect personal safety, body used with anti-theft structure

C, high temperature resistance, overload operational capability is strong, small size, compact structure, safe and convenient, can be used for round- ring terminal , easy to convert.

D, environment protection, no need to filter or change oil during lifetime, no pollution

3,conditions of normal operation

A, altitude not more than 2000m

B, surrounding temperature: up limit: +45 °C, low limit:-40°C

C, speed of outside wind not exceed 35m/s

D, relative humidity: daily average not more than 95%, month average less than 90%;

E, earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees

F, install in the place without risk of fire, explosion and serious pollution, chemical corrosion

G, special operational conditions: if you can not meet above operational requirements, we can discuss with customers to maximize to reach what they want.

4, technology program and structure

Wind power generation transformer is a kind of products that install transformer, overload switchgear, high-voltage fuse in the box inside and use transformer’s insulating oil as the whole product’s insulation, cooling medium.

Adopt fully sealed structure, the shell is made of imported paint that has strong anti-corrosion ability. The product has these advantages of small size, light weight, easy installation, etc.

12kV wind power transformer adopts“pin”glyph structure which can realize the function of round-grid. Use elbow-shaped plug for H.V. and two fuses to protect.

38.5kV wind power transformer adopts“L”glyph or “mu”glyph structure which can realize the function of round-grid.

Use flange insulating casing for H.V. an integral plug-in fuse to protect.

Suitable for middle voltage wind power generated transformer drive system, and transformer is placed in the outside of wind tower.

Wind Power Generation Transformer
Wind Power Generation Transformer
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