Vermiculite ore Xinjiang Xinlong vermiculite concentrate ore refractory fireproof materials 购买在 库尔勒
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Vermiculite ore Xinjiang Xinlong vermiculite concentrate ore refractory fireproof materials 购买在 库尔勒
ALL.BIZ中国产品中国建筑材料隔热,隔音,防潮材料隔热材料Vermiculite ore Xinjiang Xinlong vermiculite concentrate ore refractory fireproof materials
购买 Vermiculite ore Xinjiang Xinlong vermiculite concentrate ore refractory fireproof materials
Vermiculite ore Xinjiang Xinlong vermiculite concentrate ore refractory fireproof materials

Vermiculite ore Xinjiang Xinlong vermiculite concentrate ore refractory fireproof materials

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  • size0.25-0.71mm

Vermiculite is a mineraloid of hydrated laminar magnesium-aluminum-iron-silicate. When heated to a temperature of about 850-950,it instantly expands(exfoliates)up to15-25times as water flashing into steam,maximum 30 times its original bulk volume .

There is a color change during expansion from golden brown into silver white depending upon the composition of the vermiculite and temperature.

With such prominent characteristics as being fireproof,heat insulating,sound and moisture absorbing,non-toxic,lightweight and disease free .it is widely used in construction,chemical industry ,petroleum,electronics,light industry,environmental protection and as a medium of agricultural chemical products etc. Our vermiculite essential has the following
-PH 7 max.
-Thermal conductivity:0.045-0.06 Calorie /CM

-Unit Weight Approx. 0.9kg/M

-Tensile strength 1.000-1.500kgs/CM

D-Hardness :1-1.8


Vermiculite Application Fields:
Gaskets or Seals
One of its important commercial applications is to be used as protection part for automobile catalysis converter in gasket. One company in the atates consumes a large quantity of vermiculite each year to produce this product and some other companies also manufacture similar products.

Vermiculite is recognized as material particularly suited for fire protection and high temperature applications such as furnace insulation, the petrol chemical industry and tunnel construction as well as being used with molten metals as a mould lining and in fireproof safes and fire rated doors.
Insulation in Steelworks and Foundries
Good thermal insulation, low density and its natural refractory properties combine with ease of application to make vermiculite a highly suitable material for use in steelworks and foundries. It is used for topping molten steel to reduce heat loss from ingots and ladles and generally as loose-fill insulator. 

Exfoliated vermiculite is a useful packing medium. Not only is it lightweight, clean and easily poured around irregular shaped objects, it also provides a good baffle against shocks caused by impact and improper handling. Being highly absorbent, it is used as a packing for the transit of hazardous chemical liquids, also in accidental spillage. It is used as a packing material for storing fruit, bulbs and tubers. Being soft and non-abrasive it has also been used effectively for insulation and cushioning the base of plastic-lined swimming pools.
Processed vermiculite

Vermiculite may be milled before or after exfoliation according to the range of particle sizes required. Such milled or ground material may be used for the production of anti-drumming coatings; condensation control paints; high performance gaskets and seals and for upgrading the fire resistance of organic foams and other polymer based system. Exfoliated vermiculite can be colored to suit its end use.
Friction Linings

vermiculite is now used extensively in the friction lining industry (e.g. Brake and clutch linings)as a safe alternative to asbestos plays an important role in this field.

Refractory Products Vermiculite for refractory and high temperature insulation is normally bonded with alumina cements, fire clats and silicates to produce a wide range of vermiculite products which, depending on type and application can withstand hot face temperature of up to 1,100ºC.

The type of refractory products made using vermiculite are :Pre-fired clay bonded insulation firebrick; Castable high alumina concretes for back up insulation; high alumina bonded bricks, slabs and special shapes; silicate bonded insulating shapes and molded products and silicate bonded shapes and blocks. Pressed vermiculite block insulation can be used in high temperature kilns, furnaces, combustion plants, boilers, wood burning stoves and night storage heaters. It is widely accepted as an alternative for asbestos or man -made mineral fiber insulation.

Soil improvement
As well known, under almost all kinds of soil conditions, vermiculite is used to improve soil or correct soil deficiencies( lighten clay soils).Vermiculite is commonly used as growing medium providing ideal conditions for plant growth.

Fertilizer Carrier
Vermiculite is used as a carrier and extender for fertilizer, and usually Size 4 or Superfine vermiculite is used in this producing. Furthermore, vermiculite is also used as a carrier and extender for herbicides and pesticides and pesticides making products with a well free flowing property.

Expanded vermiculite is a good medium for the stimulation of root growth and the production of young plants, especially well used in sand, peat and infertile soil. It can also regulate or control the changeful temperature and moisture. Most commonly used in compost formulation. The presence of vermiculite particles in the compost aids aeration, improves moisture retention and promote the steady release of added fertilizer. And also, as potting compost, widely used in soilless culture.

Bitumen Coated Vermiculite Screeds 
Vermiculite, coated with bitumen can be used as ideal lightweight plate for the roof. It has the advantage of low thermal conductivity (heat insulation), dampproof and easy storage etc. 
Construction Coatings

Vermiculite coating is a lightweight aggregate with a wide range of applications, the most important is to be used as protection for high buildings. Usually constructional steel starts to crook at 550°C and this temperature in big fire will cause buildings collapse. Vermiculite can protect the constructional damage of steel caused by fire. Vermiculite-cement coating can not only prolong the time before collapse for residents to evacuate in time, but also prevent steel from damage to reduce the cost of replacement or removing.

Loose fill Insulation
Loose fill vermiculite can be used between joists in lofts for home insulation. The free flowing properties of exfoliate make installation very simple. The insulating properties of vermiculite significantly reduce the loss of heat in cold weather and keep the interior cool in hot weather. Because it is lightweight it is used to modify the density of various architectural materials to enhance sound absorption properties in acoustical panels, ceiling tiles and textured ceilings.

Vermiculite Plasters
Vermiculite plasters can be made with either gypsum and Portland cement. The advantage which all type of vermiculite plasters give over conventional plsdters are: improved coverage; lighter weight; reduced thermal conductivity; improved adhesion to awide range of backgrounds and increased resistance to cracking and shrinkage. Vermiculite plasters, whether gypsum or cement based,can be applied by hand or by spraying machine. Being a non-abrasive aggregate, vermiculite is well suited to spray application and the sprayed plasters can have an attractive decorative appearance.

Fireproof Board
Vermiculite can be used to produce boards. High grade vermiculite essential can also be bonded with plastic plank to improve fire-resisting capacity. This application enjoys a wide popularity today.


Vermiculite ore Xinjiang Xinlong vermiculite concentrate ore refractory fireproof materials
Vermiculite ore Xinjiang Xinlong vermiculite concentrate ore refractory fireproof materials

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