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USA-type Transformer Substation 购买在 上海
购买 USA-type Transformer Substation
USA-type Transformer Substation

USA-type Transformer Substation

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USA-type Transformer Substation

Box-Type Transformer Substation

ZG(F)S series prefabricated substation, also called USA-type transformer substation, is an new-mode complete set of power distribution equipments that absorbs foreign advanced technology and design concept. It is also can be used in our national power girds, including these distribution systems of industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, residential areas, stations, port terminals, especially suitable for alteration of urban and rural power grids, not only reduces engineering investment and occupying area, but also shortens the installation period.

Products features

Novel design, innovative structure, smaller volume

The high voltage overload switch, plug-in fuse and backup protection fuses are placed in transformer insulating oil tank, thus substation’s volume becomes smaller whose occupying area is only 1/3-1/5 of normal products.

Fully enclosed, fully insulating, safe and reliable

Transformer oil tank is fully enclosed structure without conservator. The high voltage inlet wire adopts connections of elbow-type cable plug and high voltage bushing, live parts sealed within the insulator, shape a fully insulating structure. Terminal surface is zero potential which can guarantee human safety.

Advanced protection principle, economic and reliable, easy to operate

Using full range protection mode of double fuse in high voltage side and supplemented by low voltage undervoltage protection to make operation reliable and easy. The body of transformer is used with S11,S13 series, its winding adopts Dyn11,with characteristics of neutral point not drifting, good lightning performance, low loss, low noise, etc.

Products structure


The layout of ZG(F)S series USA type substation can be divided into “(MU)” glyph and “(PIN)”glyph. High voltage interval and low voltage interval are on the same side of oil tank, that’s “(MU)”glyph. On the contrary, that’s “(PIN)” glyph.

 High voltage interval

There are high voltage inlet wire, overload switch, plug-in fuse, pressure relief valve , pressure watch, oil temperature watch, oil level gauge, filling hole, oil drain valve etc. in high voltage interval of USA type transformer substation

Low voltage interval

Low voltage interval has low voltage inlet wire, low voltage total circuit breaker and branch circuit breaker, etc. The number of low-voltage outgoing circuits and reactive compensation automatically can be designed according to customers’ requests; also can add undervoltage protection devices according to customers’ requests, when one-phase or two-phase fuse is blown or low-side voltage is not normal, the circuit breaker will trip to avoid power supply with lacking phase. Equip exit and entrance ducts on the bottom and top of low voltage interval; in addition there are two exhaust fans which by the "temperature controller" control the start and stop automatically on the top, increasing heat dissipation.

Body of transformer

The body of transformer is three-phase and three-column, designed based on S11,S13 standards, its winding adopts Dyn11/Yyno, and the structure design is used with new insulation structure and structure of improving the short-circuit impedance. The winding is manufactured with oxygen-free copper wires; core is used with high quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet; take a special fasten method against rotation; body of transformer, high voltage overload switch and double fuse for protection are all immersed in the oil tank, there is some room on the top of oil tank and corrugated sheets are used to release heat for oil tank.

USA-type Transformer Substation
USA-type Transformer Substation
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