Toilet paper making machine  购买在 焦作市
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Toilet paper making machine  购买在 焦作市
购买 Toilet paper making machine
Toilet paper making machine

Toilet paper making machine

中国, 焦作市
  • 生产国中国
  • products name toilet tissue paper making machine
  • model 787mm
  • application for paper mill factory
  • output papertoilet paper ,tissue paper ,napkin paper
  • capacity per day0.8-1tons
  • power 380V
  • dimension6.5*1*3.5m
  • weight5tons
  • warranty1year
  • original landChina

Toilet paper machine, toilet paper, toilet tissue paper making machine.
1. Features:
Pressure vat, stainless steel cylinder mould forming system;
Square wimble pipes for pulp-entering system
High linear pressure press roll by pneumatic dewatering system;
Compound breathable hot wind hood;
Compound scraping doctor system by pneumatic control
Pneumatic automatic control guider and electric tension system for felt.
2. Specification:
Product: Toilet paper, tissue paper, napkin paper;
Basis weight: 13-30GSM;
Working speed: 150-180M/min;
Raw material: Recycled pulp, virgin pulp, mixed pulp;
Creping ratio: 15-30%
Models: 1092, 1575, 1760, 1880, 2100, 2362, 2640, 2800, 3200.


The machine applicable to production the paper weight for 13-28g/m2 toilet raw paper.
The machine main consist of : Cleaning part ; Cylinder mould part ; Drying part ; Roll paper part ; Drive system ; Control part .

II,Felt cleaning part ; quantity : 1set
1,Squeeze roll , φ360 × 2prices.
2,Electric tensioner device , 1set.
3,Guide roller , φ299 × 2prices.
4,Spreader roll (for felt) , roller body φ299 , surface coated rubber δ=24mm , thread slot .
5,Felt whipper , 1set ,
6,Water manger , 1set .

III,Cylinder mould part
Cylinder mould part consist of : wove mould ; cylinder vat ; arched plate ; couch roll ; suction water tank ; etc

1,Cylinder vat ; quantity : 1set
Cylinder vat use stainless steel (304) to make . equipped with small arched plate and adjusting device . cylinder vat use closed architecture .

2,Wove mould ; quantity : 1set
Size : φ2000mm
Wove mould use stainless steel to make , piece type structure , pieceδ=1.5mm , spacing ≤10mm . surface smoothness ≤ 0.15mm/m . adjust static balance , does not allow any deviation .

3,Couch roll ; quantity : 1set
Size : φ650mm
Roller body use seamless steel tube to make . axle head use high quality carbon steel 45# (German Standard : C45 / American Standard : 1045) to make , thermal refining . surface rubber δ=30mm , rubber hardness : Shore-Hardness "A"35±2° . adjust static balance.

4,Suction water tank ; quantity : 2set
Length 2900mm , suction mouth length 2550mm .Four slit 2set. tank body use corrosion resistant plate welding make. equipped with high polymer panel δ=30mm.

5,Spray water pipe ; quantity : 2set
Aciculiform spray water pipe,pore size 0.8mm,stainless steel tube , stainless steel Jets , ceramic core . movement type : reciprocating type (motor-drive) .

6,Guide roller ; quantity : 3set
Size : φ299 , use seamless steel tube to make . axle head use high quality carbon steel 45# to make. roller surface chrome plating δ=0.05mm.adjust dynamic balance

7,Spreader roll ; quantity : 1set
Size : φ323 , use seamless steel tube to make,axle head use high quality carbon steel 45# to make, thermal refining , surface rubber δ=24mm , rubber hardness : Shore-Hardness "A"97±2° .adjust dynamic balance

8,Corrector unit ; quantity : 1set
screw arbor use stainless steel to make . roller use seamless steel tube to make . nut use tin bronze to make. manual control.

Toilet paper making machine
Toilet paper making machine
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