Sodium Silicofluoride 订购在 长沙
    Sodium Silicofluoride 订购在 长沙
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    Sodium Silicofluoride 订购在 长沙
    预定 Sodium Silicofluoride
    Sodium Silicofluoride

    Sodium Silicofluoride

    中国, 长沙

    Sodium Silicofluoride 99%Min

    - Product Identification

    CAS No. : 16893-85-9
    H.S. Code : 2826.901000
    Formula : Na2SiF6
    Molecular Weight : 188.06
    Toxicity : highly toxic to all plant and animal life
    Synonyms : Sodium Silicofluoride; Sodium Hexafluorosilicate; Sodium Fluosilicate; Earwig Bait; Disodium Hexafluorosilicate
    Raw Materials : fluorosilicic acid with sodium carbonate

    - Physical And Chemical Properties

    Physical State : (Apperance) It is colorless hexagonal, odorless and tasteless crystal with relative density 2.679. It is hygroscopic. It is soluble in ether, insoluble in alcohol. The solubility in acid is greater than in water. It decomposes in alkaline solution and produces sodium fluoride and silicon dioxide. It is decomposed to sodium fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride by heating to 300'C. It is noxious!
    Specific Gravity : 2.679
    Solubility in Water : 0.76 g/100 ml at 25 C , 2.45 g/100 ml at 100 C

    - Applications

    It is used as antiseptic in timber industry, hygroscopic agent of acid-resisting concrete, solidifying agent in natural latex products, additive in plating with zinc, nickel, iron and filler in plastic and fluorinating agent in pharmaceuticals and drinking water. It is used to produce insecticide in pesticide industry and sodium fluoride in man-made cryolite.

    - Specification

    Quality Standard : HG/T3252-2000
    Appearance : It is colorless hexagonal, odorless and tasteless crystal
    Testing Items : Quality Standard Reference Testing Results
    Purity (NA2SIF6) DRY BASIS : 99.0%Min / 99.53%Min
    Loss on Drying At 105Oc : 0.3%Max / 0.14%
    Free Acid(Based on HCI) : 0.1%Max / 0.032%
    Water-Insoluble Matter : 0.40%Max / 0.32%
    Heave Metal(Based on Pb) : 0.02%Max / 0.015%
    Iron(Fe) : 0.02%Max / 0.014%
    Fineness(Through 250um test bolter) : 90.0%Min / 95%

    - Transportation

    Storage : Store at a ventilating, and dry place, keep away from food.
    Packing : In 25kg and 50kg plastic woven bag lined with high pressure polyethylene plastic bag
    Hazard Class : 6.1
    UN No. : 2674

    - Other Trade Information

    Min. Order Quantity : 10 MTS
    Supply Capacity : 50,000mts /Year
    Loading Capacity : 27mts/1080bags(1x20'FCL)
    Port of Loading : Huangpu Port, China
    Fresh Stocks : Yes
    Ref.Price : USD405.- ~ USD425.-/MT FOB Huangpu, China
    Shipment Time : Within 2-3 weeks upon receipt of advance payment or L/C .
    Payment Time : T/T In Advance, Sight L/C, L/C 60 days after B/L date
    Origin : Yunan Kunming
    Sample Availability : Yes
    Main Export Markets : India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey

    Sodium Silicofluoride
    Sodium Silicofluoride
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