S(B) H15 Amorphous Alloy Transformer (10kV, 20kV) 购买在 上海
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S(B) H15 Amorphous Alloy Transformer (10kV, 20kV) 购买在 上海
购买 S(B) H15 Amorphous Alloy Transformer (10kV, 20kV)
S(B) H15 Amorphous Alloy Transformer (10kV, 20kV)

S(B) H15 Amorphous Alloy Transformer (10kV, 20kV)

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S(B) H15 Amorphous Alloy Transformer (10kV, 20kV)

Amorphous Alloy Transformer

Product introduction:

Oil immersed transformer with amorphous alloy core is a new generation of energy-saving product. The iron core is the amorphous alloy material which imported from aboard. Its special advantages is low-load loss. Amorphous alloy transformer is widely used for urban and rural distribution network, especially applicable for the areas and users that pay attention to energy saving.

Product features:

No-load loss

It has the amorphous alloy which is a kind of soft magnetic material with same character in different directions. Its magnetization power is low, resistivity is high and loss of eddy current is low. The no-load loss and no-load current of the iron core used in this kind of transformer is very low. Compared with silicon steel S(B)9 series transformer, the no-load loss decreases about 75% and it decreases about 65%, compared with silicon steel S(B)11. It reduces the operation cost. It is very energy-saving.

Environment protection

Under the condition of heat power generation mostly, the amorphous alloy transformer reduces the generating capacity because of its excellent energy saving. Thus it reduces the consumption of coal and emission of greenhouse gas like C02,SO2,NO2. It saves the recourse, reduces the environmental pollution. It's green environment-friendly product.

High Dielectric Strength

It use transformer dryness and oil immersing technology under complete vacuum condition. The insulation level reaches a new step.

High ability of anti-short circuit

Because the iron core of the amorphous alloy can not bear high pressure, it's difficult to use the normal way to fasten the iron core and coil. We use the special structure design and technology to ensure its anti-short circuit ability. Each coil has passed the short-circuit test 6 times.


It adopts fully sealed structure. Each Product will have to pass seal testing in oil tank before supply.

Long life and climate-resistant

The out casing is pre-treated strictly according to standard ANSI. It can be placed in the outdoor for more than ten years.

Sophisticated technology and reliable quality

The amorphous alloy iron core of each transformer adopts the imported material from USA , and it combines our manufacturing experience and sophisticated  technology of amorphous transformer. It comes with long performance and reliable quality.

Operation environment

Altitude ≦ 1000m

Environment temperature: -25℃ ~ + 40℃

S(B) H15 Amorphous Alloy Transformer (10kV, 20kV)
S(B) H15 Amorphous Alloy Transformer (10kV, 20kV)
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