Rubber door seal 购买在 务川
    Rubber door seal 购买在 务川
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    Rubber door seal 购买在 务川
    购买 Rubber door seal
    Rubber door seal

    Rubber door seal

    中国, 务川
    • 牌子Duroseal
    • 生产国中国
    • funtionthermal insulation airtight sealing
    • colorblack
    • materialepdm rubber seal,pvc door seal
    rubber door seal overview Rubber door seal flexibly fills various kinds of door structures e.g.door jamb,door seam/crack,door profile slot/ channels,door drafts,door frames etc.It is one of the types of weather stripping for door.

    It is made of EPDM rubber,extruded via a extrusion tooling(dies/moulds) to form a long length rubber strip,with constant cross section profile.Generaly color is black,hardness is 70 shore A for solid rubber type,packed every 200~300 meters per roll,then in carton.

    EPDM rubber properties makes it a very nice filling material for door structures sealing function,its basic characteristics is below:

    rubber door seal features

    • superior airtight sealing performance,to block wind,noise,dust out
    • weather resistance(sunlight,freezing cold,ozone,ultraviolet)
    • flexible soft to fit for various channel/gap/joint
    • superior resilience,rebound repetitively
    • resist to compression/deformation
    • wearproof,durable,heat resistant

    About us-the rubber door seal manufacturer and wholesale supplier

    Well ours is extrusion rubber seals manufacturer.Our expertise is pvc/rubber extrusions products.Main product is:
    • industrial rubber profiles e.g.rubber tubing/bumper/water stop
    • pvc seal strip for door window and pvc extrusions profiles
    • rubber door seal and window rubber seal
    • automotive rubber seal extrusions
    • types of weather stripping
    With 12 years producing experience,we worked with domestic automotive major companies via supplying automotive rubber seals. Reliable foundation of producing skill and precise quality standard has been built.

    Our company advantages of In-House machine shop;ISO9001/TS16949 certified;large scale plant for favorable bulk production;good quality rubber material;low tooling cost fee,all this qualified us to supply most valuable product you're looking for.We welcome customers contact us for door rubber seal business.

    How to buy door rubber seal?

    • How we order it?
    • how to custom made the specific type that exactly I need?
    • how we know you're a authentic capable supplier to make sure reliable business?
    • in the case of not seeing you oceans apart,how to assure us expected product quality
    • Can we buy a small quantity of it?
    • Why choose you?
    Please see our services in our website,we believe we can answer your question via demonstrate how we work,custom made process,quality policy and what we can do by our capacity. For more information please see our website

    rubber door seals and pvc door seals




    Manager:Frederick Hu

    Sunsing Office Address: Shijiazhuang,Hebei China 050000

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    Rubber door seal
    Rubber door seal
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