Roofing metal tile installation 订购在 舟山 
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Roofing metal tile installation 订购在 舟山 
预定 Roofing metal tile installation
Roofing metal tile installation

Roofing metal tile installation

中国, 舟山 

Product Features

1.Envirenment Friendly

·The light weight nature of the tiles means that less timber is used in the roofstructure as compared to traditional roof tiles

·Water harvested is safe for consumption

2.Cost Effective

·Up to 40% less timber is used on the roof structure and no polythene or iron sheet underlay is required for roof pitches between 15 and 60 degrees.

·No breakages during transportation and ease of installation saves on installation costs

3.Maintenance free

·The tile have up to 30 years warranty thus guaranteeing quality


·The tiles are nailed into the batterns using serrated nails thus providing burglar proofing.

5.Structural Strength

·No bending of tiles during installation

6.Heat and Sound Insulation

·The thick gauge and stone coating provide heat insulation

7.Ultraviolet/corrosion resistant

·The acrylic paint prevents penetration of UV rays

·The zinc or Aluzinc coating prevents corrosion

8.Leak proof

·The interconnection of the tile is at 90 degrees thus preventing any water penetration

9.Easy to install

·roofing is done in a matter of days and not weeks thus saving on labour costs

10. Algae and Fungi Resistant

·The pain used prevents fungi growth

11.Colour Diversity

·Our tiles come in a wide range of colours to suit individual preferences

Classical Tile

Tile Size 1400mm×420mm
Installed Exposure 1350mm×370mm
Tiles per Square Meter 2Sheets
Installed Weight 6Kgs per sqm
20-foot container quatity 8000 PIECES / 4000 M2

The base of colorful stone-coated metal roofing tile is alumzinc(0.4mm thickness), as well as vermiculites processed by high technique on its surface. The multi-layer design is environment friendly as well as being in model style.

The base of colorful metal roofing tile is Alumzinc sheet.The processing of the surface adopts techniques of painting and coloring at high temperature.It is environment-friendly multi-layer composite material as roofage.The processing techniques and surface materialsare different from those of colorful stone-coated metal roofing tiles.Any color is available as long as the color sample is offered.


Inspection Items Inspection Result
Manpower Resistant.Climate Resistant and Aging Resistant Painting film without splitting with 1000h without pulverizationwithout bubbles, without obvious color changes
Heat-Resistant 90±℃ without obvious changes
Low Temperature-Resistant -40±℃•24h without obvious changes
Water Proof 240h without bubbles without obvious color changes
UV- resistance 60without obvious color changes with 60h
Roofing metal tile installation
Roofing metal tile installation
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