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Rectifier Transformer

Rectifier Transformer

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Rectifier Transformer

Rectifier Transformer (ZPS, ZBS, ZSS)

Product Introduction:

Rectifier transformer is for power transformer with rectifier device. Its role is to provide AC power for the rectifier. Then the rectifier will change AC power to DC power supply. It’s mainly used in the metallurgy, chemical industry and some other industry. It’s low-loss, low-noise, shock resistant, and short-circuit resistant. Rectifier transformer also has the advantages of strong ability of over-load, compact structure, small size, reliability of power supply. 

Product Features:

Stable electrical performance: combing the load feature and the status of fluctuation of electric grid and voltage, atmospheric over-voltage, according to the rectifier transformer load conditions, determine a reasonable and reliable insulation level and insulation model, to ensure the reliable and stable electric performance of the product. Environmentally safe coefficient of the product≧1.67.

High degree of dynamic stability: the winding has a high mechanical strength , with a strong ability of anti contingencies, to meet the bad environment of load. During the process of design and manufacture, it eliminates the dynamic unstable source caused by magnetic leakage or non-normal transportation. The product has high dynamic stability. The resistance is 30% higher than the power transformer with same capacity.

Good thermal stability: advanced product design. The heating part and temperature rise of the hottest dot are strictly controlled, with sufficient temperature margin. If necessary, additional axial oil duct can be added in the coil. Cooling way can be chosen according the load loss value of the coil, then to allocate the oil flow reasonably to reach the best cooling effect. Main temperature rising index is at least 5°C lower than national standard. Copper wire is used as coil and down-lead, selecting low current density.

High ability of overload: the product comes with strong capacity of over-load and over-voltage. It can be operated safely in long-term under the condition of rated load. It can be operated safely in long-term under the condition of 100% full load ( environment temperature 40°C);the terminal on the transformer connected with the motor can bear 1.5 times the rated current, which is 5S. Load character is fully considered during the product design and manufacturing. Temperature rising, insulation properties and choice if attachment are considered to meet the overload requirements.

Superior performance index: no-load current design. Manufacturing capacity is lower than that of normal transformers with same capacity that regulated by national standards.

Obvious energy-saving, low noise

Simplified structure, elegant appearance. The oil tank adopts the technology of anti-leakage to avoid the leakage, eliminating the fuel tank leakage.

Product structure

Core: it adopts high magnetic silicon steel sheet. Meanwhile, it adopts the three-six step lap core stacking stepping style. No-load, no-current and noise are reduced effectively.

Winding: we use high conductive non-oxygen copper wire as the electric magnetic wire. The structure of cylinder type, double-cake type and new spiral type with whole set of new technology is used for the winding. Thus our product structure is more compact and the main insulation to be able to get effective guarantee. Layers on both has been strengthened which improved the insulation performance. We enwind the high strength constructive belt to the outer surface of the winding which improve its mechanical capability. Its anti-impact ability and anti-short circuit are improved largely.

Body: insulation pad with both high strength laminated wood and laminated cardboard support is used for the body. The support area of the winding end reaches more than 95%,which improves its anti-short circuit further and improves its operation stability. The connection of the body and cover is the plate with buffer structure to overcome the phenomenon of “impending” and “coping”. Insulation material is coiled with high-intensity, high-density cable package of which the allowed pressure is 45 Mpa.

Tank: Heating radiation oil pipe(double row and three rows of pipe with inserting slice type) or using ladder Chip radiator is used for the tank. The ability is increased under the same area of the tank wall. According to customers requirements, we can also install chip radiator or corrugated tank, and oil-cooled or water-cooled radiator. Treatment of the tank surface: coat paint of the transformer id “three resistance paint”(anti-salt spray,anti-humidity and anti-mildew). The adhesion of the out paint and inner paint is strong. The decoration is good. The oil resistance of film, corrosion resistance and light fastness are good. It also comes with good covering strength.

Applies for Rectifier circuit:

Normal rectifier circuit used is single-phase half-wave, single-phase full –wave, half wave three-phase, three-phase full-wave(Y or △) bridge, three-phase flexural type(the Zo-shape),six-phase Y-shape (mid-point wiring), the six-phase Fork shape(also flexural shape), six Y-shaped parallel bridge type(with a balance reactor),the six-phase △ type, Y-shaped series-wound bridge type, 12-phase four flexural type with balance reactor, the six-phase Y-shape or △type, six phase(12,24 phase) double anti-star with a balance reactor, or more sets of  parallel bridge type, double anti-star circuit. DC current can be up to 25kA, the DC voltage from tens of volts to several hundred volts, the valve side is often used in parallel with the inverse method to qualify.

Rectifier Transformer
Rectifier Transformer
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