PU/ROCK WOOL Sandwich panel Production Lines 购买在 上海
购买 PU/ROCK WOOL Sandwich panel Production Lines
PU/ROCK WOOL Sandwich panel Production Lines

PU/ROCK WOOL Sandwich panel Production Lines

中国, 上海
  • 牌子Sinowa
  • 生产国中国
  • CE2017
    • Sinowa’s high-end insulation panel production line provides you with high-efficient industrial value. Our production efficiency is twice that of similar lines, boasting the most cost-effective among the similar products within and without the country. This production line can produce multi-species and multi-specification insulation sandwich panels, including PU sandwich panels and rock wool sandwich panels (PU edge-banded), mainly used as roof sandwich panels, wall sandwich panels and cool room sandwich panels. Their thickness and width can be set at the adjustable range.

    • The height in the specifications of the panel can be freely adjusted in the production line. The utilization of the servo control system and fine mechanism makes it possible to quickly adjust the panel thickness within a minute without human intervention.

    • Since this production line provides products for construction industry, its design strictly follows the national standards in terms of energy conservation for buildings, occupational safety, health, and others. We try our best to provide designs with standards higher than demanded, and make timely adjustments in the process layout according to the infrastructure of your factory, such as the power supply, with considerations of the customer’s preferences so that we can provide you with a safe, energy-saving and standard-compliant assembly line.

    • The whole production line is strictly modularized in design to ensure the greatest probability for the parts to be interchangeable, making it the most cost- and energy-saving. No joining made manually, all the key processes of the parts are completed in the machining center. As soon as the parts are inspected and warehoused, they enter into the assembly process. The modularized assembly can not only greatly increase the production efficiency but, most importantly, realize quick delivery as well. It elevates the reliability of product quality to a totally new level and minimizes the influence from human factors.

    • The most cutting-edge configuration ensures the safe and reliable quality of the whole production line. All the key parts are chosen either from imported products or from first-grade brands at home and aboard to implement our concept of building high-end brand, create Sinowa’s signature quality, and publicize our brand in virtue of quality.

    • The concept of environment protection is practiced to create environment-friendly assembly lines. Maximized humanization in design guarantees the physical and mental health of the operator. Issue of dust pollution is solved with noise and oil pollution kept within a lower level.

    • Concentrated system control is fully realized in the practice of concentrated process control so that the control system of all the movements of the parts in the line is integrated in one process control console with accessible remote communication to elevate the automation and reduce the allocated number of personnel for the assembly line.

    • The novel and tidy appearance in streamline design is coupled with delicate coating and elegant hues to showcase Sinowa’s key business tone and materialize our brand philosophy.

    • To facilitate convenient operation of the production line, all the relay of strong and weak currents is plug-and-play with connectors configured for gas and liquid to facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of the unit.

    • The high-power low-consumption design quickens the reaction of the production line while energy consumption is kept low. With the brand-new, fully sealed inner insulation design, the energy consumption is controlled at the minimum level to achieve the design objective of less than an hour for the insulation system to be activated from the room temperature above 5℃ to the production process temperature. The energy consumption is only 40% that of those similar products.



PU/ROCK WOOL Sandwich panel Production Lines
PU/ROCK WOOL Sandwich panel Production Lines

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