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PP compression fittings 购买在 乌鲁木齐
购买 PP compression fittings
PP compression fittings

PP compression fittings

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Leffe technology tube universal PP compression fittings installation instructions
PP compressed high-quality parts of the pipeline transportation of drinking water, process water transport system, the use of chemical media, PP compression connector can quickly and securely connect a variety of hardware and software (non-standard GB) plastic pipe brass chemical piping system, without the use of Welding equipment to the construction operation of trouble, PP compression pipe pressure of 16-60 kg can replace a variety of construction elements of accessories.
    Due to the tightness between the built-in components. The advantages of using PP compression fittings are simple and quick installation, repeatable use, corrosion resistance, easy connection, and their strength may exceed the number of pressure pipes themselves.
The wide variety of PP compression fittings, high-strength plastic king sleeve connector allows fast and no special welding equipment and assembly equipment to use any sealed piping system. Can also be customized to a variety of colors to make the process more beautiful pipe!
Compression accessories by the five elements:
1. Annular sleeve axial nut cap 2. Clamp ring retainer 3. Ring thrust sleeve 4. O-ring 5. Black body. The tightness of the connection is sealed by a rubber elastic seal ring, and the other is provided by a hold-in sleeve. In turn, the clamping ring made of high-strength polyacetal POM material prevents self-loosening and vibration-induced pressure, withstands high axial loads and unilateral twitches. The anti-aging high temperature rubber O-ring provides a reliable seal and shock-absorbing piping system, even if its aggressive behavior does not cause a slight damage to the pipe.
Compression accessories
PP Compression Fittings include ring-type axial nuts in combination with black PP polypropylene, which are blue in color and have high strength and shock-proof properties and are connected to the housing via a trapezoidal thread. Cover with a ring nut with ergonomic design, convenient and manual shutter mechanism, the installation of PP compression tube When necessary, you can use the belt wrench and special wrench to install the way to tighten the tube, the elastic material O-ring to provide sealed media, The tube is made of polypropylene copolymer. In the sleeve to maintain the required location in the ring seal ring position, - Clamp ring circlip US DuPont POM made of raw materials. As the inner surface of the clamping ring of the special contour to prevent the pressure from the inside of the shell to squeeze out of the pipeline, as long as the lock never fall off.
PP compression accessories;
PP compression fitting models are special products for mechanical connections from 20 to 63mm OD pipe. Fittings can be used with all hard and soft piping. Due to the specially made material, PP compression fittings are used for high-density pipe fittings which have a high resistance system of various chemicals.
PP compression fittings are not suitable for use in heating high temperature continuous hot water, such as PE.PPR.PVC. Copper pipe plastic pipe for limited applications. The maximum operating temperature is 70 ℃, the maximum operating temperature of the pipeline. Can be applied to cold water, oil petrol oil, chemical sulfate, pressure pump, power pipe connection, can replace the PPR welding, PE fused, UPVC pipe fittings, compression fittings, aluminum fittings, copper pressure fittings, This product complies with all regulatory requirements for the transport of drinking water liquids. Extensive PP compression fittings to meet the most rigorous installation of pipelines on the use of high demand, PP compression fittings to save installation costs, the advantages of low price high quality! Does not contain any advertising value-added, I plant products PP compression accessories from China and Italy, the quality of technology production. Has been the invention of the three countries invention patent products! Counterfeiting must be! Company's products only to the quality of survival! Technology for advanced! Can do any high pressure experiments! A variety of pipe wrench, wrench to use! So that customers never worry about!
1. Ring cap nut cover: Polypropylene copolymer with high stability and protection from ultraviolet radiation,
2. Clamp Ring Retainer White Polyacetal POM,
3. Annular thrust sleeve
4. Sealing rubber ring: rubber,
5. Body: Polypropylene stabilizes and protects against high levels of UV radiation.
6. Pressure range 1.6-6.0MPA 16-60 kg pressure

PP compression fittings
PP compression fittings

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