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Power-Type Wiegand Sensor WG612

Wiegand Sensor

Power Type Wiegand Sensor Supplier

L It needn't power supply when it works.
L High output amplitude, and it can reach 30V when it is no-load, its high value can reach more than 40V.
L Bipolar motivation operating mode. When the polarity changes for 1 circle, the sensor will output a pair of plus-minus pulses.
L Only when the polarity of the applied magnetic field changes, and the magnetic strength reaches motivation threshold, the sensor will output a pulse signal, so no trembling occurs, and the operation is stable and reliable.
L The signal amplitude is independent with the changing speed of magnetic field, and it can work under the speed close to zero.
L The signal processing is simple, and it can be directly connected to triode, comparer and ADC etc.
L Output signal can utilize signal wire to realize remote transmission, and it's suitable for LAN management.
L No Mechanical contacts, no electric spark, it's a kind of intrinsically safe component.
L Wide operating temperature range, strong environmental suitability.
L Rotation Counting: Heavy caliber intelligent water meter, heat meter, gas meter, oil meter, flow meter, odometer, etc.
L Position Detection: Oil depot level detection, tipping bucket udometer, unattended hydro-meteorological monitor etc.
L Electronic Switch: Flame-proof switch, ignition switch etc.
L Impulsing Power Source: Encoder, UWB power etc. Performance Parameter

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