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Power Transformer (35kV) 购买在 上海
购买 Power Transformer (35kV)
Power Transformer (35kV)

Power Transformer (35kV)

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Power Transformer (35kV)

Oil-immersed Transformer

Products structure and technical features

The oil-immersed transformer produced by our factory have these advantages: low loss, low noise, high short circuit strength and good appearance. We company create these prefect products of that each parameter has reached to advanced level among domestic similar products by combining advanced manufacture equipments and technology.

Structure features:

Core and main body: it is used iron core cutting line ,all inclined ladder joints and improving flux trend to eliminate flux saturation phenomenon of iron core in joints . By doing these, it reduces the no-load loss, no-load current and noise of transformers. Adopting pulling-plank structure, in order to strengthen the ability of withstanding short-circuit, we put many nails around pressing planks and bracing plates are used as support between H.V and L.V yoke, make the iron core be a whole. The iron core sheet are coated by glue which are specialized for silicon steel , so that all silicon steels can be bonded together to make the iron core be  integral one, this effectively enhances mechanical strength and plays a positive role in the core anti-rust. The low part of the body and the oil tank are supported through bracing plates adopt" high intensity electric laminated" technology, to guarantee the low part of oil-immersed transformer's body safe and reliable.

Coil: The high-voltage(HV) coil adopts an interleaved-continuous structure, The low-voltage(LV) coil adopts an interleaved-continuous or spiral structure, are independently provided with voltage-regulating winding to balance the ampere turn of each winding-up, effectively lower the mechanical force to minimal level. In the transformer winding, there is a zigzag oil guide structure so as to fully cool all areas inside the winding, lower the temperature rise of the winding and the hot points of the winding and prolong the service life of insulation.

Oil tank: the tank's structure of oil-immersed transformer is bell jar type or suspended type, have a good looking and high mechanical strength. It adopts" flanged joint" technology in every key point (such as annular tubes, pressure valves, switches,etc.), which effectively avoid leaking oil.

Technical Parameter and features

Technical specification


2,voltage regulation: on load tap regulation ,off circuit tap regulation

3,capacity range:<31500kVA

4,frequency: 50Hz

5,phase: 3-phase


7,short circuit impedance: according to customer requirements or national standard

8,operation environment: according to customer requirements or national standard

9,cooling method: ONAN/ONAF

10,Insulation level: power frequency withstand AC-85kV, impulse withstand voltage LI-200kV

Buyer reading

When you make order, pls provide below:

1, model  2, rated capacity  3,voltage combination  4,voltage regulation range

5,frequency  6,vector group  7,short circuit impedance 8,others: special requirements need be remarked

Power Transformer (35kV)
Power Transformer (35kV)
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