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Pink Plumepoppy 购买在 株洲
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Pink Plumepoppy

Pink Plumepoppy

中国, 株洲

Description: light tan powder, bitter taste

Extraction method: dynamic continuous flooding extraction, ultrasonic extraction, multi-function extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, separation in the membrane filtration, chromatography ingenious combination of resin purification methods, short-range molecular distillation

Drying method: freeze drying, dynamic belt drying, spray drying.[1]

1. The application of bo to the preparation of pesticide

2. The preparation and preparation methods of the total alkaloid drugs

3. Preparation process of high purity blood root base and erythrine

4. A kind of bolted plant powder pesticide

5. A total alkaloid with anticancer activity and its preparation

6. Plant sources total alkaloids and their pharmaceutical preparations

7. Treatment of itching and itching of the skin

A broad-spectrum heat-clearing and detoxicating detumescence, antibacterial, antiviral antiphlogistic veterinary fall back into the injection, it is creat by fall back and extracted by ethanol by dipping active ingredients, mixing compatibility of removal of impurity of precipitation, hot and cold processing production technology refined but become, is a kind of pure natural green veterinary drug products.With qingrejiedu swelling, antibacterial, antiviral anti-inflammatory effect, used in the treatment of various livestock influenza, upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, pig lung disease, digestive tract infections, infectious gastroenteritis, diarrhea, dysentery, pullorosis artificially infected in piglets, yellow dysentery, heat disease, virus infection, fowl cholera and pullorosis artificially infected in chickens.The present invention is function of the effect of traditional Chinese medicine compound mix cure pleiotropic, bidirectional sexual compatibility of traditional advantage, and embodies the modern science and technology advantages of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) refining, has convenient use, wide application range, quick effect, curative effect is distinct, stable quality, without any side effects, no residue, conform to the requirements of the current "green products" development, etc.

Pink Plumepoppy
Pink Plumepoppy

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