Industrial casein 购买在 临夏市
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Industrial casein 购买在 临夏市
购买 Industrial casein
Industrial casein

Industrial casein

中国, 临夏市

"Qula" (Tibetan) that is extracted by artificial butter yak milk produced after the "cheese", commonly known as "cheese", the process in the Tibetan people have thousand years of history, produced by Triton does not add any accessories, purely natural, green, environmentally friendly products, the majority of pastoralists as cattle food and nutritional supplement perennial winter protein supplement.

Industrial casein, also known as replication casein, is the use of high technology, biotechnology yak cheese made from natural protein purification material, casein is white or pale yellow; tasteless; odorless granular solid. Insoluble in water and organic solvents. Casein can absorb water, immersed in water, is rapidly expanding, but the particles are not combined. Other synthetic materials can not be replaced. Based on it has a very good adhesion, film, light, emulsion, stability, and superior performance, the industry is very good green adhesive base materials, paired with casein manufacture of plywood can be water-soluble adhesive.

Paper industry: sizing agents, polishes, adhesives,etc
Leather industry: leather and leather tanning agents, adhesive,etc
Paint: waterproof, fireproof,high strength, decorative architectural coatings, steel equipment manufacture and use of the high hardness layer of anti-(salt) acid,paints. etc
Electrochemical: electroplating industry wastewater treatment and recycling non-ferrous metals: in ceramics, glass and other non-metallic materials for copper, nickel, cobalt and other metal materials, chemical plating surface treatment;
Textile industry: blended fiber finishing agent

Performance is This product is non-crystalline, non-hygroscopic substance, soluble in water at room temperature 0.8-1.2%, slightly soluble in 25 ℃ water and organic solvents, soluble in dilute alkali and strong acid, can absorb moisture when immersed in water , the rapid expansion, but the particles do not make.

It is made from fresh dry milk, available in differnet mesh size of 30-60,60-90,90-110.

Compositional          Information
Moisture %        ≤12.0
Protein(dry basis) %        ≥90.0
Fat %        ≤2.5
Ash %        ≤2.0
Acidity T° 45 T°
Color White
Flavor Bland
Insolubility ≤0.1
Viscosity 800-5000mpa.s

Packaging 25kg net Kraft paper bags with inner liner

Storage Keep in a clean,cool and dry place.Keep from being damp and
mould,protect from insects

Transport In 20 feet,40 feet containers&pallets

Shelf Life Approximately 12 months from date of production when stored
under appropriate conditions.

Industrial casein
Industrial casein
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