Graphite Plate for SPD Surge Protection Device 购买在 平顶山
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Graphite Plate for SPD Surge Protection Device 购买在 平顶山
购买 Graphite Plate for SPD Surge Protection Device
Graphite Plate for SPD Surge Protection Device

Graphite Plate for SPD Surge Protection Device

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中国, 平顶山
  • 牌子DJX
  • 生产国中国

Product Description

DJX specialized in carbon graphite materials and products for more than twenty years, we are confident to provide you high quality products with the most reasonable price, please join us to enjoy our quality and services.

DJX supplies graphite plate for SPD Surge Protection Device with various sizes, customerized products are available depending on your pictures and drawings, we will recommend the most suitable graphite material for you, please contact us for more details.

Based on the disadvantage of traditional gap surge protector (SPD), and combined with the material characteristics of graphite and Thompson gas discharge theory, a large scale of experiments on the new type of graphite gap SPD were completed by open circuit voltage wave generator and ICGS impact system. The results show that, after the high voltage trigger capacitance device was added to the new type of graphite gap SPD, every gap was triggered step by step so that the voltage protection level was reduced. At the same time, the graphite gap SPD is better than traditional gap SPD on time delay characteristics, and is able to achieve the arc extinction requirements before the power frequency voltage dropped to zero. In addition, graphite belongs to non-metal materials; it won't produce plasma under high temperature, which can improve the stability of device and delay aging. 


SPD graphite plate generally made of  isostatic pressing graphite, purity more than 99.9%, compression resistance more than 90 mpa and flexural  strength more than 45 mpa, the SPD uses graphite plate has features as follows:

1.Protection of large flow, low residual pressure, fast response

2.Using the latest arcing technology, completely avoid fire

3.Using temperature control protection circuit, built-in thermal protection 

4.With the power status indicators, Indicates the working condition of the urge protector

5.Structure knit well, High-reliability and wide range application

6.Large discharge current, discharge current (up to 100 ka), small leakage current, without stream without arc to spill, good thermal stability


Working Principle

Based on arc discharge technology, when the voltage between the electrode reaches a certain degree, the electric circuits or in the communication line for outside disturbance suddenly produce peak current or voltage, surge protector can in a very short time conduction tap, breakdown of air on the electrode arc creepage, to avoid surge damage to other devices in the circuits.


Graphite Plate for SPD Surge Protection Device
Graphite Plate for SPD Surge Protection Device
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