Ceramsite lightweight aggregates 购买在 通辽
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Ceramsite lightweight aggregates 购买在 通辽
购买 Ceramsite lightweight aggregates
Ceramsite lightweight aggregates

Ceramsite lightweight aggregates

中国, 通辽
  • 生产国中国
  • 類型施工
  • Dry Bulk Density350-900kg/m³
  • Compressive Strength1.5-10Mpa
  • Thermal Conductivity0.1-2.0

Appropriate density, high mechanical strength, good biological and chemical stability;
Large specific surface, strong pollutant entrapment, easy-clinging high-efficient biology film;
Lower loss of the pressure head, longer filtration cycle, smaller water consumption of reverse washing;Unaffected by flow rate or pollution loading variations, low temperature resistance and quick start-up.

Ceramsite: 1-5mm; 5-10mm; 10-15mm; 15-25mm or customized accoding to client's requirement.

Blocks: 200X240X600mm or customized accoding to client's requirement.



1.Light weight: the regular dry density 450-950kg/m³ is one-third of clay brick and a quarter of concrete,
which can effectively reduce the building's own weight and the project cost.
2.High strength: the compressive strength is above 3.5-5.0Mpa, can be directly used in exterior wall with
the enhancement technology.
3.Heat preservation and thermal insulation: applied in exterior wall structure, the effect of heat insulation
and thermal insulation is one-fifth of clay brick and one-eighth of concrete, which can reduce much energy
consumption from heating and cooling.
4.Fireproofing: the product is inorganic incombustible matter, it will not produce toxic or harmful gases in
high temperature. The fire resistance of 15cm wall body can reach more than five hours.
5.Sound insulation: there are lots of air vent in the building blocks that have dual property of sound insulation(46dB)
and sound absorption, which can make the living environment more quitely.
6.Low drying shrinkage: the Ceramsite was produced in the high temperature of 1200℃ that will not appear the problem of shrinkage, and in the finished product, Ceramsite distribute in the form of lattice, so the wall body will not crack due
to shrinkage problem.
7.Strong anti-permeability: becasue of the independent airtight tiny pores in the blocks or the finished product, not like
other material (aerated concrete block or cement block which have lots of intercommunicating pore), so it will never lead
to water seepage when raining.
8.Our product comply with the standard GB6566 without any toxic or harmful matters. The blocks can be recycled by broken after building demolition that will reduce the pollution of construction waste.
9.Long use time: same useful life with the buildings, not need second time of heat preservation processing and maintenance,
which can save lots of maintenance charge.

Ceramsite lightweight aggregates
Ceramsite lightweight aggregates
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